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Resident Artist & Shop Owner

Meet Sir Donovan Walker, the renowned tattoo artisan of the medieval realm. Hailing from the mystical shop of Anvil Tattoo, he is on his 13th year of the ancient art of skin illustration. From the age of scribes and knights, he has honed his craft, transforming the bodies of warriors and nobles into living tapestries that tell tales of valor, love, and mysticism. He roamed the lands over time learning the delicate balance of ink and needle, studying various tattooing techniques and adapting them into a style uniquely his own. Venturing beyond the castle walls to eventually claim the lands formerly known as Old Glory Tattoo, he has become the confidante of many. His tattooing chamber echoes with tales turning parchment into art, as warriors and maidens alike trust him to translate their innermost thoughts onto the canvas of their bodies. In the scrolls of time, Donovan's biography unfolds as a sorcerer of the skin, a wizard whose inked creations left an enduring enchantment on the medieval canvas of his mystical craft.



Resident Artist

In the mystical realm of Marysville, where arcane energies entwine with the rugged landscapes, Lord Danielle Starr-Walker emerged as a formidable wizard. Born beneath the shadow of the blood moon, her destiny was woven with threads of both magic and might. From a young age, she exhibited a natural affinity for the arcane arts, drawing upon the ancient energies that flowed through Lummi Island. However, unlike other wizards who favored robes and staffs, she felt the call of battle echoing in her very bones. Unyielding and determined, she blended the prowess of a seasoned warrior with the potent spells of a wizard. Her physicality was as remarkable as her magical abilities. Her thick thighs, hardened through years of intense training and countless battles, became the source of both admiration and fear on the battlefield. Standing atop the infamous Hill of Blood, where countless conflicts had stained the earth crimson, she had become a symbol of indomitable strength and unwavering resolve. Though Lord Starr-Walker was a warrior at heart, her command over magic was a force to be reckoned with. She embodies the union of brawn and magic, proving that true strength transcends the boundaries of traditional wizardry.




In the enchanting mountains of the pacific northwest, former desk goblin Lyndsie has been honing her skills in the ancient arts from a tender age. Joining Dark Wolf Tattoo in the eldritch heat of 2022, she felt the arcane currents guiding her hands towards the intricate art of imbuing skin with magical tales. Her unwavering loyalty to the realm saw her rise through the ranks, earning the trust of the noble court. Under the mentorship of Sir Donovan Walker, she is currently immersing herself in the esoteric traditions of bloodletting and with a needle infused with ethereal energies her clients will bear witness to their skin transforming into living tapestries of captivating stories. In these mystical lands she dreams of the day where she will stand as a full-fledged wizard, her magic illuminating the medieval realm. With each lesson learned and every magical mishap embraced, her journey unfolds like the pages of her grimoire, promising a future filled with wonders and enchantments.

Artists: Our Tattoo Artists
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